Seattle's Waterfront Renaissance: The Waterfront Transformation Unveiled

Construction of Seattle’s new waterfront is underway and will continue into 2025

Now that the Alaskan Way Viaduct removal is complete, the City is constructing a park promenade along the water, building a new surface street along Alaskan Way, rebuilding Pier 58 and Pier 62, building an elevated connection from Pike Place Market to the waterfront, and improving east-west connections between downtown and Elliott Bay. This effort, called Waterfront Seattle, is a $806M, multi-year investment between now and 2025. It is led by the City of Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects. 

Between the bustling streets of downtown Seattle and the serene waters of Elliott Bay, a transformative project is underway. Seattle's Waterfront revitalization is a bold initiative to connect the city to its aquatic edge, fostering a vibrant mix of natural landscapes, community spaces, and cutting-edge development. This comprehensive endeavor is not only reimagining public spaces but also signaling a new chapter for real estate in the Emerald City, where opportunities for growth, investment, and sustainable living are burgeoning.

Seattle's ambitious but visionary waterfront revitalization project is not just reshaping the city's shoreline; it's setting a new stage for real estate development, community enrichment, and environmental sustainability. As the city bids farewell to the Alaskan Way Viaduct and welcomes an era of parks, public spaces, and improved connectivity, the impact on Seattle's real estate market, community, and the environment promises to be profound. The goal is to create a more accessible, inviting, and lively waterfront district that reflects Seattle's culture and natural beauty, while also boosting the local economy through tourism and business development. This comprehensive effort involves collaboration between the city of Seattle, state agencies, local businesses, and the community to ensure a cohesive and sustainable waterfront for future generations.

Celebrating Dzidzilalich: the History and People

Dzidzilalich, or "LITTLE CROSSING-OVER PLACE" embodies the spirit of connectivity and transition. It's a place where the city meets the sea, where history converges with progress, and where the community finds common ground. This area, steeped in the history of the Puget Sound Coast Salish People and embraced by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, is set to become a vibrant nexus of Seattle's urban fabric. Dzidzilalich is more than a location; it's a gateway to a revitalized Seattle, promising a future where real estate thrives on the principles of accessibility, sustainability, and community.

The Dzidzilalich project, beyond its infrastructural goals, represents a profound commitment to acknowledging the cultural and historical significance of the waterfront area. The initiative stands on the traditional lands and waters of the Puget Sound Coast Salish People, whose relationship with this territory spans countless generations. Through meaningful engagement and collaboration with local tribes, the project aims to weave the rich tapestry of indigenous heritage into the very fabric of the revitalized waterfront, ensuring that this space respects and reflects the enduring legacy of its original stewards.

Project in Detail

The redevelopment aims to strengthen the bond between Seattleites and the waterfront, making it a hub of activity, relaxation, and social interaction. For the real estate market, this transformation translates into a surge in demand for properties that offer access to this revitalized, dynamic space. Seattle's Waterfront is becoming the city's front yard, where the promise of the future meets the richness of the past.

One of the cornerstone principles of the Dzidzilalich (Seattle's Waterfront) transformation is its unwavering commitment to accessibility. As Dzidzilalich continues to unfold, its impact on real estate extends far beyond the physical transformations. It signals a shift towards a more inclusive, accessible urban landscape where every member of the community can find their place and potential. For real estate consumers, this means investing not just in property, but in a vision of urban living that champions accessibility, connectivity, and inclusivity at every turn.

Embracing Universal Design: Dzidzilalich's redevelopment prioritizes universal design, ensuring every part of the waterfront, from pathways to public facilities, is accessible to everyone. This approach not only enhances visitor experiences but also boosts the appeal of nearby properties for a diverse range of real estate consumers.

  • Intersections that prioritize pedestrians, offer sound and tactile cues at crosswalks, and include ADA-compliant curb ramps
  • Three new elevators linking the waterfront to Western Avenue and to the Pike Place Market
  • A detectable wayfinding element embedded in the pavement of the park promenade, to allow pedestrians using canes to navigate the space easily
  • Designated, on-street ADA parking stalls along the new Alaskan Way, and a major new accessible loading zone at the Colman Dock transit hub

Boost for Inclusive Real Estate: The project's commitment to barrier-free access makes waterfront properties more attractive to buyers and renters seeking inclusive environments. This trend towards accessibility is reshaping the real estate market, appealing to a broader audience and encouraging investment in universally designed spaces.

Strengthening Community Ties: By prioritizing accessibility, Dzidzilalich is not just improving property values; it's knitting a tighter community fabric. Accessible waterfront spaces welcome all, fostering a sense of belonging and supporting Seattle's vision for an inclusive urban future where everyone thrives.

Key Features of the Project

  1. Alaskan Way + Elliott Way - Reconstruction and improvement of the roadway to accommodate all modes of transportation, enhancing the waterfront experience.

  2. Park Promenade + Bike Path + Restroom - Development of a wide, landscaped promenade along the waterfront, featuring a bike path and public restrooms, to ensure a pleasant and accessible environment for both pedestrians and cyclists.

  3. Overlook Walk - A public park offering elevated views of Elliott Bay and the city, providing a seamless connection from the MarketFront down to the waterfront.

  4. Pier 58 (Waterfront Park) - Transformation of Pier 58 into a family-friendly space with a playground, plaza, and lawn area for public enjoyment and direct access to the water.

  5. Pike + Pine - Streetscape improvements to enhance the pedestrian and cycling connection between the waterfront, Pike Place Market, and the Pike-Pine corridor.

  6. Pioneer Square - Street and sidewalk improvements in the Pioneer Square area to enhance the pedestrian experience and accessibility in this historic district.

  7. Union Street - Enhancements to the pedestrian bridge and connections between Western Avenue and Alaskan Way, improving access to the waterfront from the city.

  8. Bell Street - Extension of Bell Street Park, creating a green spine that connects the waterfront to the city, enhancing green space and pedestrian paths.

  9. Railroad Way - Improvements to transform Railroad Way into a pedestrian-friendly connection, linking the Stadium District to the waterfront and promoting walkability.

  10. Marion Street Bridge - Upgrades to the pedestrian bridge to improve access and connections to Colman Dock, facilitating smoother transitions for ferry passengers.

  11. Pier 62 + Pier 63 - Development and reopening of these piers as flexible public spaces capable of hosting a wide range of cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

  12. Seawall - Replacement and reconstruction of the aging seawall to protect the waterfront from erosion and damage, enhancing the habitat for marine life and improving public safety. 

Project Timeline


  • Begin Pioneer Square East West Pedestrian Improvements
  • Complete Pioneer Square East West Pedestrian Improvements
  • TBD – Complete Pike + Pike Streetscape and Bicycle Improvements


  • TBD – Complete Pier 58 and Overlook Walk
  • Complete Waterfront Seattle Program construction

Real Estate Renaissance

Seattle's Waterfront project is a catalyst for an unparalleled real estate boom. This large-scale revitalization effort is set to enhance the desirability of waterfront properties, drawing attention from investors and homebuyers locally and internationally. The promise of enhanced connectivity, mixed-use developments, and an enriched urban environment positions Seattle's real estate market at the forefront of innovation and growth. With every step toward completion, the waterfront transformation reaffirms Seattle's reputation as a premier location for forward-thinking urban living. The vision behind Seattle's Waterfront project extends beyond mere aesthetics; it's about creating a legacy of community, culture, and environmental stewardship. The development includes expansive public parks, art installations, and spaces that celebrate Seattle's rich history and diverse culture. For real estate enthusiasts, this means investing in a project that values not just financial return but also the quality of life and the sustainability of the urban ecosystem. As Seattle's skyline evolves, so does the concept of what it means to live in harmony with one's surroundings. At the heart of this transformation lies a golden opportunity for real estate. The revitalization of Seattle's waterfront, with Dzidzilalich as its cornerstone, is not just about creating spaces; it's about crafting experiences that draw people together. This initiative promises to elevate property values, attract global investment, and redefine urban living. As Seattle embraces its future, the real estate market stands on the cusp of a renaissance, driven by the allure of waterfront living, cultural richness, and innovative urban design.

Seattle's Waterfront revitalization project is more than just a facelift for the city's shoreline—it's a blueprint for the future of urban development. As the project unfolds, it brings with it a wave of opportunities for the real estate market, setting new standards for what it means to live, work, and play in Seattle. For those looking to be part of this exciting transformation, the time is now. The revitalization of Seattle's Waterfront is not just changing the landscape; it's shaping the future of the city itself.

Looking Ahead

The vision behind Seattle's Waterfront project extends beyond mere aesthetics; it's about creating a legacy of community, culture, and environmental stewardship. The development includes expansive public parks, art installations, and spaces that celebrate Seattle's rich history and diverse culture. For real estate enthusiasts, this means investing in a project that values not just financial return but also the quality of life and the sustainability of the urban ecosystem. As Seattle's skyline evolves, so does the concept of what it means to live in harmony with one's surroundings.

Impact on Real Estate

A Boost for Property Values: The revitalization of the waterfront is expected to significantly enhance nearby property values. Proximity to green spaces, water views, and improved pedestrian access make adjacent areas highly desirable for residential and commercial developments, appealing to buyers and investors alike.

Market Attractiveness: As the waterfront evolves into a bustling hub of activity, its appeal to potential residents and businesses skyrockets. This increased demand drives Seattle's market dynamics, offering new opportunities for sellers to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in waterfront and downtown properties.

Elevated Living Experience: The project's focus on creating accessible public spaces, parks, and a pedestrian-friendly environment enriches the community's quality of life. Residents and visitors can look forward to an enhanced urban experience, with leisure, recreation, and cultural activities right at their doorstep.

Strengthened Community Ties: By transforming the waterfront into a communal gathering space, Seattle fosters a stronger sense of community and belonging. This revitalized area becomes a melting pot of cultures, activities, and interactions, promoting inclusivity and social cohesion.

Future of Seattle and the Area

Economic Growth: The revitalization is a catalyst for economic growth, attracting tourists, new businesses, and investments. The enhanced waterfront serves as a dynamic commercial and cultural district, contributing to Seattle's economic vitality.

Visionary Urban Development: Seattle's waterfront project exemplifies visionary urban planning, setting a benchmark for cities worldwide. It showcases how large-scale redevelopment can harmoniously blend urban living, community building, and environmental stewardship.

Sustainable Development: The waterfront project places a strong emphasis on sustainability, incorporating green spaces and eco-friendly infrastructure. This approach not only mitigates urban sprawl but also contributes to the health of Elliott Bay and surrounding ecosystems.

Climate Resilience: Improved seawall construction and thoughtful landscape design enhance Seattle's resilience to climate change and sea-level rise. These measures protect the city's shoreline and infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable future for the waterfront area.

The project is more than just a boon for Seattle's aesthetics and communal spaces—it's a harbinger of a new era in real estate. One where the value of a property is enhanced by its connection to an accessible, inclusive waterfront that enriches the city's social and cultural landscape. As this project continues to unfold, it promises not only to reshape the skyline but also to redefine what it means to invest in and be part of Seattle's vibrant community. The waterfront's redevelopment presents a compelling narrative of growth, inclusion, and sustainability, making properties in this area highly sought after. Buyers, renters, and investors now have the unique opportunity to be part of a community that values accessibility and connectivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of Seattle's heart. As we look to the future, it's clear that its impact on the real estate market will be profound, driving demand for properties that embody the principles of this transformative project.

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